Bill O'Leary's Black Salve Skin Cancer Story


The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

Bertrand Russell


That's a Biopsy proved Nodular Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)

on the tip of my Snoz.


That small red patch on the top of my nose is a BCC skin cancer caused from exposure to the sun as a child. Statistically 3 out of 10 caucasians will have to deal with Basal Cell skin cancer. If I had my life over, I wouldn't change a thing - except I'd always wear a hat and Sunscreen.



I'm a 48 year old Australian from Queensland who lives in Phuket Thailand. I've been living on the island for 23 years working in the tourist yachting industry. As a kid I was always outside. I was a keen surfer, boater and played a lot of Rugby League outdoors. I hardly ever wore a hat or sunscreen and remember getting blister-burnt hundreds of times as a kid in Charleville out west and on the Gold Coast.

In July 2009 I'd finally had enough of dealing with a recurent scab crusting on the tip of my nose that would come and go. When toweling off after a shower or swim I'd have to be careful not to bump it or it would bleed and leave a nasty-looking ugly scab. This had been happening, on and off, for about a year. I thought it must be an ingrown blackhead (my nose is very porous) that had 'touched' on an inderlying blood vessel that would bleed when I knocked it - that was all. I never for one moment thought it could be cancerous.

But, my wife Carolyn and sister Catherine were worried, concerned that it might be a skin cancer. I laughed it off but promised them I'd have it checked out at the local skin clinic in Phuket.

So, I finally decide to get into action on this scab. I go to the best hospital in Phuket and have a surgical biopsy done by their best Thai surgeon. He cuts a rice-sized piece off my nose and it gets sent off to Bangkok for pathology. I leave the next day for very remote Eastern Indonesia.

In Indonesia I  get an email from my Thai doctor and he says that the biopsy has come back from the lab and it's bad news - it's been pathology proved as an agressive Nodular Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC).

I do some research with the medical fraternity. The Thai doctor in Phuket and Dr. Steven Markey, my surgeon friend in Australia recommend either wide excision surgery taking off a 4mm margin around the lesion and skin-grafting either some of my neck or earlobe there - or Mohs micrographic procedure where they'll screen the flesh cuts as they go - until the lab says it's all clear of the cancer. Then they sew you up. Phew...

"Are there any other choices?", I ask them - and every doctor I know.

They all have the same answer - "No - surgery is your only safe option"


I remember a book a friend gave me by Elaine Hollingsworth (Screen name Sara Shane) who now lives in Australia - "Take Control of your Health - and escape the sickness industry".

At this stage, that's exactly what I'm wanting to do - Take control of my health and escape a surgical procedure that swaps my nose for one of my earlobes!

Anyway, I read through Elaine's book again looking up skin cancer hoping to find a miracle. Elaine writes all this scary stuff about the 3M topical cream Aldara for skin cancer. She's upset that it nearly killed her - and many others. She says she's currently making a documentary about it all, then she mentions this alternative skin cancer cure called  "Black Salve".

"Black Salve"? Never heard of it. It sounds weird? Elaine explains that it's a herbal paste that kills only the cancer cells and leaves the rest? ... What? That's exactly what I need. So I go search it out on the Internet. Bingo! There's heaps of info about this, but it's good, bad - and downright quacky. But, there are claims that this stuff has been around for centuries. More has been written about Black Salve than Mohs or Wide Excision surgery or other mainstream medical BCC treatments. I'm a skeptic - So I read and read and read some more.

I'm so intrigued with all these hundreds of personal testimonials for Cansema or Black Salve. I start to check out Google Images for images of how it works - if it really works? Could it be? No, no way? Too simple - it must surely be quackery. But hundreds of real people are saying they've been totally cured of BCC, SCC and even Melanoma. And, they've got compelling stories and images that seem to substanciate their claims. What am I missing here? 

On all the Internet search engines an angry site called "Quackwatch" comes up when searching for any Black Salve info. It's written by a Dr. Steven Barrett. It paints a very disturbing picture for Black Salve, Cansema and other cancer escoterics. 'Quackwatch' goes into detail about 4 different people who've been 'hurt' by using either Cansema or Black Salve. The pictures are shocking but the stories are a bit weak: some even showing that the salves do exactly what they're suppose to do. i.e. Kill the cancer cells and leave the good ones. But there are a few real nightmare stories in there too.

Apparently, this one lady put it all over her nose and it looks like it burnt right off. 

It is very one-sided and I was surprised that Dr. Barrett didn't mention that there was also evidence that it had helped people. One-sided accounts are easy to spot because they go overboard. Barrett's Quackwatch is totally overboard.

Scientists should take a fair approach, but I don't see it in my review of the

Quackwatch website. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who guards the guards?

But, it did scare me and I wondered how  Dr. Barrett and "Quackwatch" could manipulate all the search engines to be right up there on top every time.

Trouble is he's very convincing - no matter who's paying his overheads.

But, where does that leave me? What if this Black Salve paste actually did work for me and my specific tip of the nose BCC case? What if? 

A lengthy, expensive wide excision or any other skin graft may not get at all of the cancer. My research indicates that some of them come straight back...

My long time good mate Dr. Stephen Markey, the Gold Coast surgeon also said the nose is a bad place for a BCC. Because it's so porous, the cancer may have spread and be hiding inside my sweat pores - but outside the Mohs procedure range. i.e. The lab says ok - because they don't get to see any satellite lesions.

Steve's a lifelong friend, a talented, committed and caring surgeon who suggests I 'bite the bullet' and have wide excision surgery in Thailand - just to be safe.

Now, I'm confused. Mohs surgery is definitely the best bet, but what if it misses a bit of isolated cancer outside the main cut area?

Looks like I should take Steve's advice and just go ahead and cut the end of my nose off and get a piece of my earlobe attached there.

Bugger - my ear lobes are getting hairy. I'll have to shave my nose? Hmmm.  

This Black Salve gunk keeps jumping into my mind. It is starting to seem like a feasible first option. If it works, at least I'll see where the cancer was, right? 

It's certainly not a cure all, (everyone knows that nothing is a cure all with cancer)  but it does have some obvious advantages for someone like me. i.e. with a nasty BCC growing right there on the tip of my nose.

If it does not work - I'll just go with the surgeon's knife. 

It's interesting that plenty of Black Salve users have posted what look like true pictures on the net showing exactly how it worked for them. How can that many people be part of the exact same scam?

If it was a scam, as Dr. Barrett's "Quackwatch" claims, how could 1.6oz of this Black Salve stuff only cost A$99 for enough goop to kill 50 skin cancers? Nothing is adding up. 

Black Salve is a soft black home-made herbal paste containing Bloodroot,

Galangal, Gravioli, Chapparel, Zinc Chloride, DMSO and Glycerine that's applied

directly to the actual skin cancer.  Sounds like SNAKE OIL to me...


One thing I do know is that my BCC got angry after the surgical biopsy.

It grew more in 3 weeks than it had in 3 years. It took off - I don't know if it was

fueled by my fear or by the surgical biopsy - but it was alive and spreading fast.    

Anyway, research tells me that once this Black Salve mixture is applied to the tumor it permeates through the skin and cell membranes but only singles out and kills the cancer cells. Then supposedly the body's own immune system goes about detaching the ESCHAR (or -the dead cancer flesh ) from the good flesh. This all happens over a 7-14 day period then the Eschar cancer finally falls off, roots and all, leaving a clean ulcer divot under it - in my case an ugly hole in the end of my snoz. Well that's the theory anyway. The Black Salve should not attack the good flesh - it makes it burn a bit but does not ultimately hurt it. It destroys the cancer cells only - well, so the successful users imply anyways.

There are other reasons to go with a Black Salve for the first try getting rid of my nose BCC. Mainly, it's location right there in the middle of my face. I don't want the thing to grow back and there's no guarantee that any surgery will completely get rid of it. 

With the Black Salve pix on the internet of the eschars coming out of people who've used it, you can see there is no way to determine the size of the cancer from the surface. The scabs are the tip of the iceberg with a ejected eschar cancer flesh resembling bloody irregular spud-shaped lumps complete with roots, eyes and all.

This suggests that if I can get the whole thing out in one go using this Black Salve and my own immune system, ( I mean roots and all ) there's a better chance of complete success than any type of surgery.


Anyway, I'm approaching 50, I'm happily married and I've procreated 4 kids - so my looks are not that important to me anymore.

Of course, losing any part of a nose would be be a terrible thing for anyone and I'm not as courageous as I'd like to think.

The trouble with surgery is that no matter how much flesh ( good and bad ) they take off on the nose there's always a very big chance of recurance. And without a local Thai doctor who gives a fiddler's fart about me and my snoz I'm leaning towards the Black Salve as my first option.

Sorry, if all this rambling free-flowing thought above is repetitive and boring - but it's exactly how confused and afraid I really am. I feel like a kid in a thorny maze  hedge who can't find his way out and the sun is setting...

I'll keep this article fresh with the story and pictures exactly as it unfolds

If my experience can help anyone else, then it will surely be worth it.


AUGUST 3rd 2009 - Monday


Today is August 3rd 2009 and I'm waiting for the Black Salve I ordered to arrive.

So here goes. I'll try to keep this article fresh throughout the process. 


Red spot on the tip of my nose is the BCC on Monday August 3rd 2009

August 3rd - waiting for the Black Salve... and still not 100% convinced on any one treatment... I'm scared, not couragous. Still thinking I must be a bloody idiot to be trying a home-made 'alternative' product so agressively debunked by "Quackwatch" and the mainstream medical fraternity.

And where am I using it? Oh, nowhere important - just on the end of my nose...

Someone, put me in the Psych ward!


August 4th 2009 - Tuesday


August 4th - Tuesday - The Black Salve arrives from Australia.

It's packaging says it's only to be used on Dogs Cats and Horses.


Well - time to shit or get off the pot.

I've got a bandaid on it because it leaks blood every night onto the pillow case.


I'm so sick of this bloody thing right now. I'll bite the bullet. Bugger it. I'm going to use the Black Salve...

My wife and kids will be so ashamed of me if this goes terribly wrong. Hmmmm.

My father, the Aussie Flying Doctor Tim O'Leary had 2 things to say about luck. He reckoned you make your own and that it always favours the brave.

Thanks Dr Tim.

I take a long shower, scrub the last of the Basal Cell Carcinoma scab away.  

I take a few more digital photos so that if my experience (good or bad) can help anyone else with a BCC on the tip of their nose anytime in the future, then my journey (and webpage article) will not have been a waste of time.


My nose - the way it's been for 48 years - shit, anything could happen - so I say goodbye to it. 


Out comes the Black Salve and I scoop a big dollop on my snoz.

There are clear and precise directions for its use on the internet and I intend to

follow them exactly.


What's exactly in "Black Salve"?


Black Salve Contains :

The formula (ingredients, percentages, and manufacturing methods) has evolved over time,

largely to improve performance and minimize pain management issues.

The current ingredients are:

Zinc chloride (Cl2Zn)

Chaparral (Larrea mexicata)

Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis)

Galangal root (Alpinia officinarium) or ginger root (Zingiber officinale)

Graviola leaf (Annona muricata)

Glycerine (used as a humectant, to keep the product moist).

DMSO (Dimethylsulphoxidein) Pain management and deep tissue transferer.





The black button-nose effect...



I finger some onto my nose and wait. Wowza! Didn't have to wait too long - within one minute it stings like a cigarette burn to the end of my nose. My eyes water and I have an uncontrolable itching desire to get it all off my skin.

I must be insane. 

I grab a couple of Panandol 500mgs and throw them down. My whole nose starts to throb in time with my heart, a kind of stinging needling throb and every fibre in my body wants to get the paste off my melon. I read the instructions again. Relax. It must be working. Just need to keep this black paste on for the next 24 hours. Bloody hell. Lunch time tomorrow I can take it off. I'll keep you posted.

 Next Morning...

Terrible sleep, lots of pain, throbbing nose - managed to get 3 hours rest after finding my daughter Bronty's old pain relief drugs from her skiing accident. I'll be better prepared if I ever do this again. Must remember to keep proper pain medication on hand. I'm burning a chunk of flesh out from my face... 


August 5th 2009 Wednesday - Day 1


Wednesday 5th morning - Very tired. I add a top up of Black Salve on a bigger area of the nose - just to make sure I got this whole thing in one go. No burning - phew - I'm so glad. It looks like I'm not going to lose my entire nose like that unfortunate bird on the 'Quackwatch' site. That's most reassuring. 

Not much sleep with that big black cone on my nose. I had to put a bandaid on it.


At midday (24 hours later) I take a shower. Slowly soak away the black salve off my face and see what has happened to the BCC in the process.

Check this out...Well, I reckon it's a simply amazing result.


It targeted just the cancer cells and left the rest. It's a well defined tumor with some smaller isolated burns to 'satelite' cancer cells in the sweat pores outside the main one. Awesome.


Should have clipped my nostril hairs, eh?




Check out the few isolated BCC 'satelite' pores that were obviously also cancerous. It would have been near impossible to get all of this out with wide excision and maybe could even been missed by surgeons doing the Mohs procedure. This is exactly why Dr. Steve told me to have Wide Excission over Mohs. He said," The nose is very pourous and there is 'usually' more cancer outside the main tumor". 

What's important is that the main cancer tumor is dead now - you can see, it's about the size of a pencil eraser. This skin-cancer tumor was biopsy proved - it's not dead flesh - it's dead Basal Cell Carsinoma.

Now it's going to be up to my own immune system to recognise the 'eschar' as a foreign body and eject it from my nose. Like it would a splinter or any other foreign object.


I'm able to put a circular bandaid on the eschar and it looks ok from a distance so I'm happy that it was not such a huge skin cancer. It feels like someone has punched me repeatedly in the nose. Throbbing.



Check the grin. I'm a long way from being cured of this thing but for the first time throughout this process I have hope. I expect my body to do its work now. Let's see. I'll keep you posted throughout the healing.



AUGUST 6th - Thursday - Day 2




Lot's of pain as my immune system rushes to my snoz to help eject the cancer eschar.

Plenty of localised redness and swelling and very tender to the touch.





Owch!  Fwwwwwaaaaaaaaaark! It feels like it looks.


A few things I've noticed now. Outside the main cancer are those few malignant pores that

were detected with the Black Salve. Surgery may not have

found these isolated cancers, they might have grown undetected and needed more

surgery in the future. I've read of many such recurrances with surgical BCC removal on the nose. 




Notice the small raised pore to the right of the main eschar that was burnt from the Black Salve. This is one of the many 'satelite' BCC cancer spots I mentioned that would have surely been missed with wide excision and Mohs. 

I pulled this one out with a pair of tweezers - it looked like a stalagtite. 

Thursday today and honestly, it's bloody painful, throbbing away in time with my heart - but I feel ok. I intuitively know that it's all good.

My research has shown me not to panic - it's all normal. It's my own healthy

immune system working hard to 'eject' the cancer eschar and heal itself.

I hate testimonials - I really do - but if you or someone you love has BCC skin cancer, I urge you to explore Black Salve as an viable alternative option.

I was 100% diagnosed correctly with a lab biopsy of an aggressive Basal Cell Carcinoma.

The tumor is now dead (I hope) on my nose -- and... so far so good.


August 7th - Friday - Day 3


Pain pain pain...

Starting to think surgery would have been much less agony and emotional trauma.


August 8th - Saturday - Day 4


At last - Less swelling redness and the eschar is hardening




It's still sore but not anywhere near as sore as it was yesterday. I can feel the

hard eschar about 1cm under the surface - sort of like the size of a pencil eraser.

But that could be a phantom pain - will only know when my body rejects it and we

see the deep ulcer divot under that 'they say' will remain.


August 9th - Sunday - Day 5

Looking and feeling much better - well that could be debated. Feeling much better anyway. It's hard and I can feel it coming away from the nose flesh.





 Back to front - photo into the mirror

Have started to share my 1.6oz of Black Salve with 3 friends. Simon who had a spider vien looking thing on his cheek asked to try it so we dolloped some out and whacked a bandaid on it. Steve had a mole wart looking thing on his inner thigh so we did the same there and Rock had a odd looking freckle on his forehead.

Steve and Rock had no reaction at all and after 24 hours washed it off with no ill effect. Simon's face burnt all night and now he's got a dead cancer on his cheek. We're all amazed so here's a picture of Simon's reaction to a bit of Black Salve on a skin irritation on his cheek.

Click Here for Simon's complete story  

August 10th - Monday - Day 6



Feeling much better today - Day 6th - Monday 10th. It seems to respond better if I keep it dry. Less discharge. Research tells me to keep the scab on as long as I can to save the new skin underneath. It's itchy like hell -- which is also a good sign.




August 11th - Tuesday - Day 7

At sunrise this morning I woke to find the cancer eschar right out of my nose.


Open Sesame! A trapdoor. Whooaa!


It's a much smaller crater than I thought it would be. It definately feels like all the cancer is dead and gone. I'm over the moon with gratitude and joy.


Here's the ESCHAR against a Thai Baht coin and a Q-Tip.

That thing just came out of my nose? Amazing stuff.



And for the Aussies reading - the eschar on a 20 cent coin.

Looks like a mullet's eyeball.

Amazing eh? A lump of biopsy-diagnosed dead cancer from the tip of my nose?

A previously horrible bleeding weeping itchy come-and-go sore was actually a

very agressive BCC.

Now it's dead on my sink. My nose looks and feels fine. I

squeeze it and it does not hurt or bleed. I'm not a doctor - but I think it's gone.

Who woulda thunk?



Get a load of the crater in the end of my snoz! Now I've got somewhere to hide my stuff. haha. But still far less flesh taken this way than by Mohs or Wide excision.

I'm blown out in every way by this 'underground' skin-cancer removal process.

Can anyone please help me understand why this simple effective procedure is not at least being explored? Maybe not as an intergral part of mainstream medical practices - but at least explained as an option that works on small BCC's when instructions are followed to the letter.

Especially since Dr. Mohs himself used Escharotics in his skin cancer surgery procedures to locate, burn and mark exactly where he should cut, to make sure he got the lot! What happened? Why did the medical fraternity drop it? 

Why is there no formal mention or condoned modern day use of this seemingly safe way to diagnose, locate and kill small topical skin cancers?  

Who scraped the icecream scoop out of my snoz? 

Well, I was no oil painting to begin with...


AUGUST 12 - Wednesday - Day 8

Wow, it's healing really fast - already begun to fill itself in.

Check these out...Today Wednesday 12th midday

Amazing - you can hardly notice it anymore. I only see it when I shave and brush my teeth anyway. So,if it's ugly - it's not my problem :p



It's healing very well with the sides comming in to fill the divet nicely. This second scab is hard and pea-like. I'm keeping it dry with Hydrogen Peroxide. I'll upload more photos when I  lose the scab.




Well; the hair is greyer but the end of my nose has grown back by itself. No need for plastic surgery. And they wanted to take a wide excision removing my entire tip of nose - to just above my nostril holes. This is a much better outcome, nes par?

Side view - filled in nicely eh? Saved my nose and 20 grand in the process.

From the top - hardly notice it at all.

My nose was too pointy anyway... This makes me look more like a Thai local.



31st August



SEPTEMBER 9th 2009

Now, it's only the size of a belt notch - hardly noticable against the rest of my melon that looks like a busted crab anyway. Adds character eh?

I don't know about you -- but I'm totally 'blown away'...


My good friend Patrick had a BCC taken from his nose with Moh's Surgery.

Unsure whether they'd got the lot, he tried a bit of my Black Salve on the area and also on a troubling spot on his chest.


This webpage is now done ( 10th September 2009 ). It's an honest account of my own experiences dealing with an invasive pathology-proved Basal Cell Carcinoma on the tip of my nose during the month of August 2009. 

I'm certainly not against mainstream medicine nor alternative natural treatments - I accept there is

ignorance and condemnation prior to investigation - on both sides.

'There is a principle which is a bar against all information which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation'

Herbert Spencer

Any person who condems 'Black Salve' as an effective treatment for Basal Cell Carcinoma suffers from 'contempt prior to investigation'.


My personal experience with Black Salve is true and cannot be ignored - nor condemed. Although, I'm sure it will be...

I have absolutely no commercial interest in any product or person mentioned in this article. I only hope that my experience and  photos might help someone else in making educated personal decisions in relation to their own skin cancer treatments.  

 My special thanks go to my wife, family and friends, Elaine Hollingsworth for her strength and courage to write her wonderfully venomous book (and rightly so) "Take control of your health - and avoid the sickness industry" and Bevan Potter from Centreforce Australia.

Elaine's book told me about Black Salve for Dogs Cats and Horses. I believed they might be telling the truth - and they were.

I must continue to do all I can to remain well educated and assertive - so I can actively control my own health destiny.

 Every Good Wish for a skin-cancer-free future to everyone who reads this,




THIS IS WHAT I LOOK LIKE TODAY 22nd April 2010 - Hardly notice my nose at all.

I have had 2 followup consultations - one with a surgeon and one with a dermatologis. 

Both assure me that the end of my nose is 100% cancer free - and I know it is too.


18/5/2012 -

Paul Trau from Atlanta had a similar BCC on the tip of his nose

 and we have been in email contact about his options. Paul opted for Moh's surgery

and went ahead with the proceedure in early April 2012.

Many thanks Paul for telling me your story with me and showing me that traditional 

surgical options also work. He made a 100% satisfactory decision to go with surgery.











  Here's Nirvana with another great story






Black Salve has just been banned by the TGA in Australia






Check out Nirvana's youtube Black Salve

treatment montage - too impressive to ignore




This is how I rate all skin cancer testimonials out there.                 

1. Was cancer definitely present , as shown by reliable tests, when treatment was commenced? 

Yes - mine was biopsy proved BCC skin cancer of the nose

2. Did it go away
or respond otherwise, as judged by the same tests?

Yes - no cancer present at the site biopsy proved and no return of same so far to date ( 16/9/2011)

3. Was the advocated treatment the only one used ? 
(within 2-3 months of the apparent cancer response)

Yes - Black Salve was the only treatment I used.


Any testimonials without these fundamental caveats is flawed. Beware...


If you want to make Black Salve for yourself - here's exactly how to make it

taken from Elaine's 

movie "One Answer to Cancer" 

This is the exact formular I used. You can purchase all the ingredients here 






Cansema Instructions


and the Panacea University video about Black Salve.



Help Spread the word. Illegitimum non carborundum







Be part of the solution - sign this petition


That Black Salve treatments require investigation


not criminalization.



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